Small town hero. Single dad. Sexy as hell stripper.

Not that I’m looking. After all, he used to be my best friend.

Hunter had me strictly in the friend zone. For years. Until he knocked up my cousin and I told him to go.

True to his word, he’s left me alone. For six long years. Damn him.

I still miss his easy charm and gorgeous grin, especially now that he’s captain of the Kissing Springs fire department.

When I agree to watch his son for a week during the holidays, Hunter sweet talks me into letting him stay at my place.

Something tells me this isn’t a good idea… or is it?

Six years ago, I made a mistake.

A reckless one-night stand that changed everything between my best friend and I.

Because I slept with her cousin.

That stupid move cost me our friendship and I ended up with a son. Now, even though Hannah’s the town librarian and I miss her like hell, we barely speak.

Until, thanks to a Christmas miracle, I have a good reason to reconnect. One she can't refuse.

And this time, there’s nothing friendly between us, but that’s fine by me. I've always wanted so much more.


Brooding billionaire meets sweet teacher. Sparks fly and a love match emerges, but will his secrets tear them apart?

Uncompromising ‌workaholic‌, Luke Ashford, isn’t made for love. He was born and raised to be CEO of the billion-dollar family business. It’s all he’s ever wanted ‌and‌ ‌finally‌ ‌within‌ ‌his‌ ‌reach.‌ Nothing stands in his way — except an ultimatum from his father: start dating or lose the CEO position.

Third-grade teacher, Penny Pierce, is a hopeless romantic holding out for a timeless love like her grandparents’. She knows what she’s looking for in a man, and it isn’t the tall, dark, chiseled suit who’s appeared in her classroom and pinned her with his midnight eyes.

With his lifelong dream on the line, Penny is the woman Luke can’t resist… and his best bet for a fake relationship. But will she prove the solution to his problem or become an irresistible obstacle to his plans?


He’s a chef with a restaurant empire to build. She’s an ER nurse with a challenge to win. Will a chance meeting alter their plans?

Craig: A lass with ginger curls, as bonny as the one at the bar, draws me out of the kitchen in my chef’s whites for the first time—ever. But it’s her smart mouth and amusing pet peeve that has me craving more.

When our night is cut short and she slips away, I learn the truth. I was only a means to an end. But I’m no stranger to hard work and convincing her otherwise is a job I’ll gladly take on. Especially when my heart is at stake.

Brie: Who does this hot Scot think he is, a knight in shining armour? I’m no damsel in distress, but when my blind date doesn’t show, this tempting chef is my best chance to rescue the evening. He’s only the first of ten dates, after all.

When his hazel eyes, easygoing manner, and culinary chops leave me wanting more, I wonder if I’m crazy for trusting my instinct. Not that it's ever done me wrong before.

Tempted by the Scot is a quick, delectable read with tons of heart, loads of sexiness, and a hot Scot who won’t let the woman of his dreams slip through his fingers. At least not without tempting her the only way he knows how.

Dr. Emily Barnes knows one thing …

She’ll go to any length to avoid attention.

Especially from a hot celebrity Scot.

Andrew Grant has other plans.

From the minute the captivating new historian arrives on set Andrew is distracted from his starring role and determined to tear down her exasperating defenses.

Can Emily navigate a whole new world of television production and keep the show’s rising star at arm's length when everything he does demolishes her carefully erected barriers?

Can Andrew convince the woman he’s falling for that she deserves his attention when all she wants to do is bury her head in Scottish history?

Highlands Season One is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride.

You’ll love this steamy Scottish tale because who doesn’t love a kilt-wearing, Gaelic-speaking hero who refuses to surrender until the woman of his dreams says yes.

Hi, there. Ellen here. So glad you found me! I’m a classically trained pastry chef who now spends my days whipping up steamy and satisfying modern day love stories.

When I’m not writing happily ever afters, you'll find me absorbed in a novel, relaxing into śavāsana, or downing a caffè americano. Oh, and belting out the lyrics to Hamilton.

I live in the desert southwest where I still occasionally bake a batch of cookies for my real-life hero and two girls.

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