Here for the extras? You're in the right place! Scroll down to find all of the freebies, bonus scenes, second epilogues and more. Enjoy!

Did you miss Tempted by the Scot? It's a FREE short, sexy, satisfying and delectable read with tons of heart, loads of sexiness, and a hot Scot who won’t let the woman of his dreams slip through his fingers.

At least not without tempting her the only way he knows how… 

Love Ravish Ridge? See how all of the characters are connected below. I had so much fun making this graphic and seeing how everyone fits together in the small Montana town.

Click HERE for the entire list of books in order set in Ravish Ridge! 

My Handsome Holidate Bonus Scene - Want to see what Chris & Cassie are up to a few months down the line? 

Spoiler: it involves a Wheel of Pleasure!

My Sexy Holidate Bonus Scene - Curious to see how the rest of the night played out for Bella and Matt? Grab this bonus scene now!

Spoiler: a few of Bella's dreams come true!

Snowflakes & Holidates Series Sneak Peek - Explore the first chapters of each of the eight books in the Snowflakes & Holidates series! 

Spotify Playlist - All of the country songs that inspired me during the writing of Sunshine & Sass!

The Sunshine Season Sneak Peek - It's getting hotter in Kissing Springs! In this PREVIEW collection of steamy summer romance, nine authors bring you standalone stories from single dads to second chances, ex-military to sports romance. There’s someone for everyone. So find a chair poolside or at the beach and settle in for a collection of small town stories that will keep you hot all summer.

Kissing Springs Sneak Peek - Welcome to Kissing Springs, where romance and Christmas miracles come true—sometimes both at once. Grab the sneak peek of each of the Kissing Springs Santa Books today!

Scorching Santa Bonus Scene - Curious to know exactly what happened the night Hunter was called to the Hot Derby Nights? Spoiler - the ladies go CRAZY for a sexy firefighter!

Welcome to Kissing Springs Facebook Reader Group - Join in the fun (and stay up to date on all of the happenings in Kissing Springs - where romance and Christmas miracles come true—sometimes both at once. 

Spotify Playlist - All of the holiday songs, (plus a few of my other favorites) that appear in Scorching Santa. Enjoy the sounds of the holidays!

Learning His Lesson Bonus Epilogue - Want to see what Luke has planned for Penny’s last day of summer vacation? Hint: It involves chocolate chip pancakes and a dazzling surprise!

Learning His Lesson Quiz - What would a story about a teacher be without a quiz? Answer today to see how well you score!

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